Who we are

Taco Oso – a subsidiary of N.V. Cornelly’s GALA-XY (since 1980), has specialized since 2017 in the supply and construction of Prefab wooden houses.
Bruynzeel Suriname has been a “household name” in the Caribbean and South America between 1950 and 1990 because of their wooden houses that are still there.
We have learned from this legacy.


Our Great Minds

Sharifa Olivieira

Jr. Financial Specialist

Sharifa Olivieira is the financial specialist of Taco Oso by Cornelly’s GALA-XY

Odylle Olivieira

Producer/ Jr. Consultant/ Trainer

Odylle Olivieira is the jr.Consultant, Trainer and producer for Cornelly’s GALA-XY.

Tau Olivieira

Logistics Manager

Tau Olivieira is the Logistics Manager of Taco Oso by Cornelly’s GALA-XY