The history of the company



In 1980 she managed to set up the company. CORNELLY'S GALA-XY is then born. The start is at the J.F. Nassylaan in Paramaribo. In 3 years she succeeds in making her name as a seamstress and beautician. Within 2 years she has a fashion studio with 6 stitchers and 2 tailors. Clothing is manufactured for our own boutique and for other companies on demand .

Because of the "revolution" that is imminent, the challenge to keep the young company up is particularly great. But doing business is not for 1 hole. So a dependence is opened in Moengo. . Cornelly leases space from private individuals to operate her "mobile beauty salon". This appears to be a success.

For several years she travels to Moengo every month in order to serve the customers; most of them come from the staff village of Suralco. She leaves Paramaribo at 5.30 AM to cross over with two ferries (Meerzorg and Stolkertsijver) to arrive at Moengo at 7.30 AM and to welcome the first customer for a facial at 08.00 hours. The last customer for that day leaves at 20.00 PM or later .... And that for 5-6 days for that week. This continues until 1986 when the domestic war begins.


Turbulent years

The years 1980-1990 are turbulent. Scarcity of everything, beauty treatments become luxury for the average citizen, new clothing is not a priority. But the show must go on. In the meantime, Cornelly has become a mother of a son. Almost everything with which money can be made is seized. In 1985 the building at A.L. Waaldijkstraat is purchased. In addition to ladies' and men's clothes from our own workshop, beauty treatments, training sessions, make-up items and a snack bar, second hand car tires are also sold. Whoever has a car to sell may also place it in front of the door; Cornelly helps sell.

The goal of the company is to make people beautiful; men as well as women. Cornelly loves "thinking in the future". Therefore, a good friend, poet and writer, "designed" the name Cornelly's Gala-XY. Galaxy is the universe, the male-female chromosomes are X and Y and GALA is how she likes men and women; dressed as for a gala meeting.


Co-founders of the Women's Business Group foundation

In 1992 she is one of the founders of the Women's Business Group foundation. From her own practice she can give advice to starting and restarting businesswomen.



In 1995, Suriname became a member of CARICOM. Together with a well known Surinamese boutique, it is decided to open a boutique / beauty salon in Georgetown - Guyana. Location: hotel River View. After a year, the boutique owner decided to stop her activities and the beauty salon of Cornelly's GALA-XY continued.

After working in the hotel for 1 year (monthly visits of 7 days, same concept as in the Moengo dependence), the company is transferred to the center of Georgetown on the Camp street. Our company also starts importing Guyanese furniture made from lianas. The delivering company is Liana Cane Furniture Industries. Our company introduces these furniture in Suriname where there is good sales. The showroom is located on the first floor of the building of the Haenen shop on the Domineestraat. After a huge devaluation of our currency, it was no longer feasible to sell the furniture at affordable prices and the stock was sold to Kersten Meubelen after the import stopped.

Three months after the opening of the company in Georgetown, another opportunity arose; Because the SLM took direct flights to Barbados, we also opened a boutique on that island. Unfortunately short-lived, since the SLM ceased flights after 3 months and it would take on average one day of traveling with another airline to reach the island of Barbados. This situation would not be feasible to manage the company in a good way.

The economical situation in Suriname was not of that nature "to sit back and relax".


Apartment rental

In 2003, it was decided to divide the house, on the first floor of the business premises, into 5 apartments and to offer them to tourists and business people for rent. Despite the increased demand for this, this department did not gain the success that was foreseen.


Blessings from an open heaven

In 2008, Cornelly's GALA-XY introduced its subsidiary "Blessings from an open heaven". From this company trainings in the making of soaps and body cosmetics are offered. In the meantime we started developing natural soaps and a body line of products .


Women's Business Group

From 2010-2014 Cornelly is asked by the Women's Business Group to set up a Micro Credit Unit. This will be a full time job that has been adopted. Cornelly's GALA-XY is then managed part time.


Fruity Smoothies

In 2015, Fruity Smoothies is added to the company.

From 2010

Agro & Food consultancy

From 2010 on the Agro & Food consultancy has been added to the company. Several national surveys has been carried out. In addition, trainings in the area of agricultural production and processing are organized, independently or in cooperation with other organizations. The product Swie Tea is launched in 2018 and is available in various local companies.

October 2017

The launch of TACO OSO

In October 2017 the subsidiary TACO OSO has been launched. This company offers modularly manufactured walaba wooden houses. The target group for this product are starters who want to set up a low budget home. In the meantime, the company also manufactures, in addition to housing, garden houses, pergolas, fences, wooden garages.