Cornelly Olivieira

Cornelly Olivieira is the general manager of Cornelly’s GALA-XY. She repatriated in 1977 to her motherland, Suriname. As a young woman she had the plan to set up a business in Suriname, in the branches beauty care and clothing.


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Nothing can be more rewardable for a mother or father than see their children follow in their steps. Especially when business is concerned. This can be the first stone towards building on your legacy.

It has everything to do with being interested and/or involved in what the parent does in the company. That the parent(s) do not work for a boss and that regular working hours are exceptional. That customers come to you for services and products you offer. That there can be bad but also good times in a company. All of this has inspired the children to such an extent that today they are all partners in and shareholders of n.v. Cornelly's GALA-XY. What they once learned professionally, in whatever area, can be used to develop a certain industry in the company.

The logistics manager is the pivot of TACO OSO. He takes care of the purchase, transport and processing of supplies for the houses. Is in contact with the partners and is technically on-the-job trained for every project in the innovative, technical and economic field.

Agri- business is a subsidiary of the company set up years ago by the founder. Starting on a small, modest scale to add value to a selection of fruit, herbs, oils, roots and flowers, which our country, as part of the Amazon rainforest, is so rich in. Presenting soaps, bush baths, tea, smoothies. Thanks to the input of the agro processor / food technologist who, as a junior consultant and trainer, put her academic know-how into the whole, this business has been further professionalized to the AGRO & Food Consultancy. This includes conducting surveys, offering training, product development and many other services that should lead to a boost for this sector, which is very important to Suriname, not least in the field of food safety and food security.

What is a company without a healthy financial department? This is also provided within the family. The youngest sibling is a business administration manager with a specialization in finance. Ultimately, it is this department that, as often as possible, the company must state where it stands financially, whether it grows or the opposite.

Tau Olivieira

Logistics Manager

Odylle Olivieira

Producer/ Jr. Consultant/ Trainer

Sharifa Olivieira

Jr. Financial Specialist

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